Monday, March 12, 2018

Privatisation: This Is Why

Our long, dark national nightmare is over:
KFC has returned to its former delivery contractor to supply chicken to 350 of its restaurants after hundreds were forced to close last month. Bidvest Logistics lost its KFC contract to DHL, whose issues with its delivery hub sparked chicken shortages across the country and the vast majority of restaurants shut at one stage.
No doubt the usual suspects will be citing this for the next ten years as an example of the failures of capitalism, before calling for a Central Council for Chicken Products to ensure the public has a constant supply of CCCP approved food.

Never again can this country face the horror of nearly a whole *month* short of fried chicken! We need the type of careful planning and strategy that has made the NHS what it is today....
The heartbroken parents of a two-day-old baby who died after a needless operation today described the horror of their son 'arriving home in a coffin'. Paul Mitchelhill died in his mother's arms following risky abdominal surgery carried out by a doctor who wanted to 'prove a point'
Oops... but at least they moved fast to get to the bottom of it.
Solicitor Lynda Reynolds from law firm Hugh James, who represented the couple, today said: 'The family have endured a long wait for resolution of this tragic matter while GMC and police investigations have been ongoing.
The family have had to not only deal with these terrible events, but have also continued to have to fight for their voice to be heard since newborn Paul passed away in 2013.
Maybe it was complex case and it all came down to a judgement call?
Delivering her verdict, coroner Mrs Dilks said: 'A locum surgeon with responsibilities for Paul's care failed to undertake a thorough analysis of the risks and benefits of the primary closure operation.
'He undertook the operation within the first day of life when no emergency action was indicated and without the knowledge and appropriate discussion with Paul's parents and surgical colleagues.
'He failed to identify abdominal colleague syndrome or give appropriate weight to the concerns expressed by the paediatric intensive team in respect of Paul's condition.
'He failed to undertake timely abdominal surgical decompression. These failings directly contributed to Paul's death.'
Hmmmmm.... it's a complete mystery why no one pulled up this guy..... and .gov is trying its best to keep it that way.
Solicitor Lynda Reynolds [said the parents] were initially refused Legal Aid to fund representation at the inquest and only after an appeal were they granted a 50 per cent contribution towards their legal costs.
'The Legal Aid Agency contends it is 'reasonable' for the family to contribute towards their legal expenses.
'Without specialist representation getting to the truth and understanding what went wrong and achieving some accountability for the loss of loved ones is impossible.
'This is quite apart from the fact that public funds have been used to provide legal representation for the Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals Trust'
So they kill off members of the public then use public money to smother any investigation. What a great business model. That's the difference right there. It's not about efficiency. The private sector may be more efficient but that's not the big thing. It's about accountability.

A fried chicken company does a one-eighty in less than a month, meanwhile it takes five years to get the truth about a dead child. Who would you trust not to make the same mistake again?

Monday, March 05, 2018

The Greatest Living Englishwomen Speaks....

....and her PR team collapses to the floor sobbing:
I come from South America and it’s part of our culture to speak out.
'Our culture'?



I thought Gina was as British as Elizabeth I flying a spitfire over Stonehenge and so anyone who pointed out she was a Plastic Brit who sounds about as convincing talking about Britain as Prince Charles sounds gangsta rapping was therefore a really huge racisss....

This is just further evidence for my theory that the Remoaner fanatics are almost entirely drawn from one of two groups:
  • People who don't understand Britain
  • People who don't like Britain.
Hey, Remoaners: quite a few of us rather like the idea that British political culture is not some deranged mix of a supermarket trolley dash and the Roman coliseum. 

Meanwhile, how's that 'healthier' culture working out for people in South America? 

That's the flip side of it: globalists keep telling us we need to embrace other cultures, but we're not supposed to point out that said cultures frequently produce hellholes, objectively worse by every possible metric.

Apparently, we're not supposed to 'speak out' about that. In fact, we're even expected to swallow stuff like this:
People know me for the Brexit case, but I’ve been a transparency activist in the City of London in the charity sector for years.
She's a 'transparency activist' but we're not allowed to ask how someone with zero public profile previously suddenly gets David Beckham levels of coverage in the media or who's funding her campaign. How about we get some immigrants from a culture where they practice journalism?

Thursday, March 01, 2018

We're All Going To Die (Part 2376)

Must be an even-numbered week. If it was odd-numbered then the MSM would be pushing Fat Pride and the dangers of anorexia. Instead we get this:
Millennials are set to be the fattest generation of Britons, with 70% dangerously overweight before they hit middle age, research shows.
People born between the early 1980s and mid-1990s are set to overtake baby boomers as the age group with the highest proportion of overweight or obese people, according to Cancer Research UK.
Heh. And you thought 'Cancer Research UK' was all about men in white coats slaving over a hot DNA sequencer.

 Like, hello? It's [current year] and nerds are out, prodnoses with powerpoint presentations are in.

Of course, there is a slight problem with this message. Hence the tortured attempt to avoid the elephant in the room:
Prof Linda Bauld, a cancer prevention expert at the charity, said the projection showed many millennials, despite their reputation for “following seemingly healthy food trends”, needed to improve their eating habits, cut down on junk food and eat more fruit, vegetables and fibre.
Their 'reputation' for healthy eating. Is she saying it's all a hoax? More to the point is she saying that the the most narcissistic generation in history are less concerned with their health than Gen X or even Boomers?

Millennials have been indoctrinated with the government-approved healthy eating message from the womb. Now it turns out they're fatter even than slobby Gen Xers, clearly the answer is MOAR PROPAGANDA.

 These people are the stereotype Englishman abroad thinking the locals will understand him if he just shouts loud enough. Meanwhile, the more people follow their guidelines, the fatter they seem to get. The prodnoses might want to try thinking about what that might say about their theories and whether alternative explanations might be worth looking at.

A scientist could explain the process to them - if they still employ any.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Brendan Cox: Bringing A Touch Of Class

Recent revelations about Brendan Cox have just confirmed my suspicions that we should only ever pay half-price for newspapers, since they only give half the story anyway.

As I understand it, the two main excuses in the MSM for not reporting on this before now are:
  1. Savvy, streetwise journos were bamboozled by a smooth-talking master manipulator                                       

  2. Everyone knew, but they couldn't bring themselves to report it
To put it another way, the MSM's defence is to claim they're either morons or corrupt. Either way, they're not exactly making a good case why anyone should be all misty-eyed about the MSM going the way of the dinosaur.
For an example of Option One, consider this from Amanda Platell, which seems genuinely naive if only because otherwise she would surely have taken out this bit:
Hundreds of thousands gathered last year for the Great Get Together – which he organised to combat loneliness – where people extended the hand of friendship to strangers at street parties
It was extending his hand of friendship too much that got him in trouble in the first place.

Option Two is as here. I'd have more sympathy for MSM drones claiming they didn't want to go after a widower, if only they hadn't spent weeks tormenting a twenty-five year old bimbo model who told racist jokes about Megan Markel (as it happens, Me-Again has recently taken over from Comrade Cox as the most obvious beneficiary of the MSM's 'Don't Mention The War' reporting).

Plus all that's without remembering that the MSM didn't just refuse to report on these allegations, they actually ran glowing profiles of Creeper Cox.

This is just further proof of my theory that the New Left is just like the Old Right. Just like the Old Right they're obsessed with class distinctions and, no, basing their class divisions on politics and ideology rather than money and family is hardly an improvement.

This is not mere expediency, or ideological loyalty. They really do think they're better than us.  Consider this: all the commentary from our alleged betters has been about this guy's supposed struggle, and how it's super that he's 'reflecting and taking responsibility' (now he's been caught).

See what's missing? These are people whose whole lives are spent playing Victimhood Poker, but now there are real victims, not a word about them. They treat them like bit part players in the great drama of 'Brendan's' heroic struggle to be less of a sleaze. The MSM are the Duchess sweeping past the down-trodden peasants on the way to pay tribute to her fellow aristocrat, cruelly cut down by dirty rebels while attempting to exercise jus primae noctis.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Not Part And Parcel Of Living In A Big City After All

Say what you like about the Florida shootings, but at least liberals have finally found a foreign culture that they're prepared to say is inferior to British culture. Dealing with cultures where they carve off their daughter's clitoris? That requires 'nuance', but the Second Amendment is bad, bad, bad.

Apparently, this time you should look back in anger. Hold the tealights and the balloons, and bring on the rage. If we don't do anything at all, the terrorists will have won.

Or something.

The thing is though that the contrast between Britain and the US when it comes to mass murder is exactly why Americans are reluctant to give up their guns. Some say the Second Amendment needs to be repealed to protect the public, others say the same about the UK Human Rights Act. The difference is that the Second Amendment is an integral part of a constitution that's not only older than that of Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and Greece, it's older than all of them combined. Meanwhile, the Human Rights Act was foisted on the UK by Blair in 1997, and the public keep voting for a government that promises to - but never actually does - repeal it.

To the point: the Second Amendment survives because the American people support it, while the Human Rights Act survives because the political class have imposed it on the public.

The Second Amendment is both a product and a foundation of a uniquely American view on the relationship between the citizen and the state. At a deep level the American people have decided that as many problems as an empowered citizenry brings, that's still preferable to a phoney-baloney democracy where a depraved political class is free to inflict obscenities such as the HRA on the serfs.